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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  July 17, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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it's a great day for an adventure. surprises are hiding around each corner. come chase thrills that lead in every direction. yet somehow bring us all back together. busch gardens williamsburg and water country usa. vacation packages start at $50 per person. a whole other world awaits. bell: dwight ostrin's story checks out. and he's had the nottingham knights games for six years. he held onto his digging permits, video footage, even nondisclosure agreements from the crew that helped him. pretty thorough for a guy who was hiding the fact that he found 'em.
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he knew he might need to authenticate the discovery someday. in the meantime, he's been selling one online, every few months, and claiming it was one of the advance copies tyler eggert told us about, the ones that went out to reviewers in 1980. got almost ten grand apiece for them. if they're so valuable, why sit on them? why keep them a secret? supply and demand. they're only valuable because they're so rare. and there's only a small number of people who'd spend money on them. flood the market with 1,000 copies, and the price would plummet. bell: best thing he could do was act like he never found them, keep feeding the hype around the legend. that's why he was pretending to help eddie. so where's this leave us? not quite square one, but close. we haven't been able to find anyone who had a problem with eddie. it's possible he walked in on a burglar, but as far as his family can tell, nothing of value is missing from his apartment. nothing they knew about, at least. what do you mean? eddie was out of work and single. he had nothing else going on in his life aside from the dig. it still feels like it's the best lead we have. so you think he went looking for the games and he found something else? well, maybe
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sure, one that somebody else wanted. send csu back to the hole he dug. see if anything new comes up. i will, but the building owner won't be too happy about it. he wants the hole filled. he gave us an earful when we went to see him yesterday. well, tell him i got his earful right here. feel free to give him my number. sherlock. hi. martin. yes, i remember. ah. got your 30-day chip last week, right? i did. feels good, right? you should be proud. yes, well, actually, it's my second time. i, um... prior to last month, i had three years. mm. did better than me. four relapses in my first three years. didn't think i was gonna make it. but look at me now-- 22 years clean.
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(quiet chuckle) there's more, you know. what? donuts. over there. you okay? was there another meeting here earlier? yeah, there was one at 8:00. why? joan? yeah. back here. is this everything the department of sanitation sent over? yes, records for all the other companies that dumped their garbage in the same landfill where eddie was digging.
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like treasure? no. actually, just the opposite. but the name corrigan chemical came up a few times. i recognized the name, so i did a search. it turns out that corrigan was caught illegally dumping toxic chemicals in two other landfills in 1985. you're thinking maybe they did the same thing here? say they did, and eddie found proof, and then threatened to go public. someone at that company might have killed him to keep him quiet. woman: detective bell? amy kim. i heard you have questions about corrigan. yeah. this is my colleague, ms. watson. actually, we're a little confused. we thought this was corrigan. brower acquired corrigan in 1998. we keep this as the address of record, so any inquiries come here. handling those inquiries is part of my job. so, how can i help? actually, it's probably best if we discuss it in private. this is the first i'm hearing of any of this. your victim-- mr. ross?
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i can assure you he never approached us. couple of hours ago, the epa ran some tests on the soil mr. ross took from the landfill. the results showed high levels of dioxin. that's the chemical your company was charged with dumping illegally at two other sites. not our company. corrigan. we acquired them after these incidents took place. whatever they did before isn't our responsibility. i could see how that would be brower's position, but... it's a fact, and to be honest, i don't think corrigan would be held liable, either. what do you mean? they hired an independent contractor to dispose of their hazardous waste. they paid the full rates for a proper disposal. the contractor, apparently, cut corners and disposed of the waste illegally by reporting it as inert materials. none of that has anything to do with brower. a court might feel differently. maybe, but so far, the courts have ruled in our favor. three similar cases have come up since i started here, and brower was cleared of liability in all three.
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i can show you the cases. in one of them, the state paid for the whole cleanup. in another, the current property owner was on the hook. watson: are you talking about the person who bought the property after the landfill was sealed? yeah, doesn't seem fair, does it? but that's how the superfund law works. it's like buying a used car. you need to check under the hood, because once you pay for it, it's yours, warts and all. the building owner. the one who was in a hurry to fill in the hole that eddie ross dug. maybe that's not just because it's an eyesore. mr. brice, when ms. watson and i visited you in your office yesterday, we asked you if you'd ever heard of eddie ross. you told us you hadn't. thing is, we went back and had a longer conversation with your secretary elaine. you should know, she's very loyal to you. she started out insisting she didn't remember anything. gregson: once we pointed out to her that she could go to prison for hindering prosecution, her memory cleared up. watson: she said that eddie came to your office twice.
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the first time was about two weeks ago. according to elaine, he asked your permission to dig behind your building. your super said he claimed to work for the city, so we're guessing you said no. elaine is a sweet woman, but she's obviously mistaken. i don't recall any of this. man: which makes all of it "he-said, she-said" at best. sounds to me like you coerced a statement. we'll see if a judge agrees. well, it's understandable you don't remember. you're a busy man. and eddie ross's hunt for discarded video games probably ranks quite low on your list of priorities. but we imagine his second visit left a more lasting impression. the only thing that your secretary could tell us about it was that you quickly pulled eddie behind closed doors. see, we think he'd approached you with evidence of what he'd found. chemical drums that contained toxic waste. he had the expertise to identify the drums. he had the equipment to test the soil. he almost certainly understood what he had found and its ramifications to you. now, perhaps he came to you in good faith,
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to give you a chance to remedy the situation, or perhaps he offered to forget what he had seen in exchange for a tidy sum. either way, you settled on a third option. watson: i did some research. it turns out your building is in escrow, along with a row of adjacent properties. you're about 15 days away from closing on a ten-million-dollar sale. toxic waste would have been a deal killer. you'd be out all that money, not to mention facing lawsuits from all of your tenants. much easier to just get rid of eddie ross. right? gregson: brower chemical, the company that bought the company that did the dumping, has been cooperating fully. using their records, we've been able to figure out exactly how many drums of waste were buried at that landfill. we executed a search warrant on your property this afternoon, using ground-penetrating radar. and guess what? you're two drums short. obviously, they're the two drums that eddie uncovered when he was digging. so, who aside from you, would have had reason to move them?
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i'd like a moment alone with my attorney. (muffled, indistinct conversation) you're not even gonna try to read lips. their backs are to us. well, it's never stopped you before. oh, how was the meeting? when alfredo came to the brownstone the other day, you're certain that he said i hadn't been to any of the meetings at st. luke's last week? yes. and those were his exact words? watson: yes. why? (knocking on glass) my client's statement. he admits to having removed the drums. he was just getting around to letting the buyer know about them. the sale will probably fall through, and you're right-- he'll probably face some civil complaints-- but what he won't be facing is a murder charge. bell: how do you figure that? your client still hasn't accounted for his whereabouts three nights ago. there's the name and address of a garage out in hoboken. my client's company keeps a truck there. i'm sure they have security cameras.
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i'd recommend you review the footage around 1:00 a.m. that night. should answer all your questions. watson: just like he wrote in his statement. he hired those workers to move the drums, and he let them use his company's truck to do it. and he did it at the same time the fire broke out at eddie ross's place. a despicable alibi, but an alibi nonetheless. duncan brice is not our killer. a despicable alibi, but an alibi nonetheless. i kept on top of things. i was energetic. then the chronic, widespread pain drained my energy. my doctor said moving more helps ease fibromyalgia pain. he also prescribed lyrica. fibromyalgia is thought to be the result of overactive nerves. lyrica is believed to calm these nerves. for some, lyrica can significantly
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what are you doing? i'm punishing my brain. and what did your brain do to deserve punishment? it's what it didn't do. we know that duncan brice is an abhorrent human being who'd rather hide evidence of toxic waste than protect his tenants. and he's almost certainly behind the death of eddie ross. right. he had an accomplice-- someone who went to kill eddie while duncan dealt with the drums. that's why we went to separate quarters-- to try and figure out who it was, right? i've been pouring through the man's life for hours now, trying to find someone he would plausibly approach for such a task, and i have nothing to show for it. how fares your brain? actually, it thinks it found something. four years ago, there was a fire that gutted a building owned by duncan brice. it was ruled accidental, but... the building was well-insured. they payout was in the millions. you're suggesting this fire was set deliberately? it wouldn't be the first time
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let's say i'm right. four years ago, he hires an arsonist. then, three nights ago, he realized he needed eddie ross dead. now, brice isn't a mob boss. he doesn't know dozens of criminals for hire. he only knows one, so he calls him. if this was arson-- and that's a considerable "if"-- it was carried out so meticulously that it was never detected. eddie ross's murder was a mess. the weapon used was one of opportunity-- a trowel left lying around. now, no one goes to commit a murder hoping there's going to be a weapon handy, least of all a professional. i thought about that, and then i remembered something you said in the morgue the other day. eddie's neighbor told police she smelled gas, not gasoline. marcus thought she got confused, but what if she didn't? go on. what if the killer was planning to set a fire that was supposed to look like a gas leak, but then eddie woke up and walked in on him? once things got messy, there'd be no point in staging a fire that looked accidental. holmes: so he replaced the gas with petrol. needed to be sure he left no trace of himself on the body.
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ted this arson... then maybe we'll figure out who committed this one. (low, indistinct talking) (quiet laughter) anything you have to say, call my lawyer. i'm not talking to you without him. actually, you're not going to have to do any talking at all. nice building. can see why you'd want to have offices in it. the building that used to occupy this space was a dump, so, it's a small wonder you had it burned down so your insurance company would pay for an upgrade. is the nypd looking for a slander suit? bell: you hired a professional torch named vladimir orlov to set a fire in this building four years ago, and to kill eddie ross four nights ago. no. i've never seen that man before. watson: when this building burned down in 2011, the smoke detector in the unit where the fire started never went off. the batteries were dead, even though the building manager swore he had just replaced them a week before.
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r sign of foul play, so no one thought much of it. but after everything that's happened the last few days, it jumped out at us. we wonder-- did your arsonist replace the fresh batteries with dead ones to delay the arrival of the fire department? and if he did so in 2011, did he also do so in 2015? watson: turns out he had. but when things went sideways, and he had to undo the fire he was planning to set, he put the good batteries back into eddie's smoke detector. bell: unfortunately for him, well, and for you, the new fire was concentrated around eddie's body. didn't do any damage to the smoke detector, or to the prints vladimir orlov left on the batteries. we've had him in custody the last few hours. he named you as the guy who hired him to kill eddie ross. duncan brice, you're under arrest. you have the right to remain silent. anything you say can be used against you in court. you know what doesn't scare me at all? coming back to my garage
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y let himself in. not like that's ever gone badly for me. sorry. i was waiting outside, and i got bored, so i came inside. and then i got bored again. you tell me you came up with a solution for that wiring problem, all is forgiven. so what's up? you doing okay? uh, actually, i was, i was wondering if, uh... you were okay. um, the other day, you told watson that i had not been to any of the meetings at st. luke's that whole past week. that's right. right. st. luke's holds five meetings a week. you typically attend two of them. it occurred to me you wouldn't know i hadn't been to any unless you had been to all of them. and then, yesterday, at an entirely different meeting, i noticed this box of donuts from the shop up the street, that you like. so you'd been to that meeting just before, had you not? what if i had? okay.
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shots fired, officer down. >> we are now learning more about the three officers who went to work this morning and didn't come home. we are getting a look at the gunman. the man found dead in the middle of an underage drinking party. that story in a moment. and wounded three more. police say that this is the gunman of kansas city, missouri gavin long. he died in the shootout. >> shots fired, officers down. >> a suspicious man was carrying a weapon. described as a rough neighborhood, this.
11:30 pm
three police officers were dead. three more in the hospital down. the the suspect is the 29-year- old gavin eugene long from missouri. witnesses say he was dressed in all black and carrying a rifle. once officers confronted him, he staed shooting. long is an ex-marine as he is thought to be the only gunman. attentions between the police and the community have been on high since that shooting death of alton sterling by two baton rouge officers. his death and philando castile a minnesota man killed by a cop during a traffic stop lead to weeks of protests against police brutality across the country. 10 days ago a gunman in dallas shot and killed five officers during a black lives matter march. >> to me this is not so much about gun control as it
11:31 pm
about their hearts. and if we don't do that, this madness will continue as we will perish as people. >> reporter: the fallen officers have been identified as 32-year-old montrell jackson a new dad. 41-year-old matthew gerald a former marine who just graduated back in march and 45- year-old sheriff deputy brad sharafola with the office for 24 years development are in stable condition and one is fighting for his life. president obama addressed the the nation from the white house about the baton rouge shootings. now is the the time for everyone to wave their words and their actions -- weigh their words and their actions carefully. >> everyone focus on
11:32 pm
actions that can uniting this country. thrown around to score political points or advance the agenda. all of us. >> there is no justification. he calls the attacks the works of cowards who speak for no one. and our john henry has more. >> this was suppose to be a day of celebration for executives. instead they find themselves in mourning. >> we are standing here condemning those shootings. >> reporter: to celebrate grp'
11:33 pm
lee nelson is still in shock. >> you have to wonder if this will be a weekly occurrence. are we going to witness this over and over again? >> reporter: the retired fbi supervisory agent called these decisive that it is important to put a stop to the violence. >> we must stand tall. we've got to stand together. the leader jesse jackson happened to be at the group's conference on sunday that the country must change their policies on guns in order to see change. >> nelson agrees. >> and gun laws, they need to change. we've got to get these weapons out of the hands of the citizens. >> in the meantime he plans to pray for anything that it will take to have piece. >> it's got to get better. we need to praise that
11:34 pm
>> and members of the law enforcement group would belong to the east baton rouge sheriff's department. he left the conference as soon as he heard about that shooting. traveling for so many people here in our area. here is what some downtown silver springs had to say. >> everyone will come together in this country. that it will be time to have that important question. i feel bad for their family members. the officer that was killed. you can't solve issues by creating more violence. to go out to the families of the victims. >> they agree if something isn't done soon that the cycle of violence could continue. many of you will be responding to the violence of baton rouge today. they say that our
11:35 pm
prayers are with the family and the friends of the fallen officers. the the brutal violence will need to end. my heartfelt thoughts and prayers go out to the officers and their families. mary says this. most people are good, most people are good. don't let the bad ones convince you that most people aren't good when most people are good. the 25-year-old man dead where underage drinking was going on. stephanie gailhard spoke exclusively to a person at that party that tried to save that victim's life. >> reporter: like most people at the house party, ian decided to check it out. there were about 100 people here most of them drinking. the the party to


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